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By November 11, 2019
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USA (MNN) — Wycliffe USA is founded on a bed of answered prayers. Today, the ministry invites you, along with its staff, to join them for their annual World Day of Prayer.

Wycliffe’s Annual World Day of Prayer

Each year, Wycliffe’s annual World Day of Prayer falls on November 11. On this day in 1933, Wycliffe’s founder, William Cameron Townsend, entered Mexico by the grace of a letter after previously being denied entry. That letter was written by a prominent educator from Mexico who was passionate about Townsend’s vision for Bible translation.

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William Cameron Townsend (Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

Now, as this work continues, Wycliffe remembers its beginning and God’s faithfulness in Bible transition.

“We believe that Bible translation always begins with prayer. And so, this is our annual event to really just remind us of why we’re doing what we’re doing and that God’s in it. And we pray for a lot of the languages around the world,” Wycliffe’s Matt Petersen says.

“It is just as important, if not more so, than giving or serving. And so, this is one opportunity annually for us to remind people of that and to ask them to join us in praying.”

Ways to Resource Your Prayers

Wycliffe is encouraging people to use Twitter to stay updated throughout the day. On its website, the ministry is also providing resources and articles to assist believers with intentional prayer.

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Some of these resources include ways to pray through the news, for Bible translation, for missionaries, and for Bibleless people.

“There’s a number of resources there that people can use to pray. And also, there’s an opportunity to sign up for emails that will come out that will give you information about different languages and need. And you can also sign up for the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project,” Petersen says.

Now, Let’s Pray

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If you would, take a moment now to pray. Ask God to protect the work of sensitive Bible translation projects. Pray He would enable Bible translation to go forth in closed countries. Pray for protection over those who are risking much to get His Word in every language. Finally, pray for God’s Word to not return void.

“Bible translation is really that foundation of missions work. It’s how people are able to connect with God, to know Him better, and His word is critical for that. By praying for Him to bring those scriptures to people in their own language, it’s opening the door to God’s mission to reach all people,” Petersen says.

Connect to Wycliffe’s prayers resources here.



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