Prayer event catches fire throughout USA

By February 3, 2012

(LPEA/MNN) — There's a saying that goes, "The hand that rocks the cradle is the
hand that rules the world."

speaks to the influence of a mother through her children. If that mother is a godly woman, the
influence will be godly. What if God
were to call an army of wives, sisters, and mothers to engage in intense,
purposeful prayer?

years ago, Solid Rock, one of Portland, Oregon's largest churches, hosted a
group of women to hold vigil before the Lord all night.

brought hope for people they love who need Jesus, messy relationships they
cannot fix, co-workers who are cold to the Gospel, teenagers taking terrible
risks, with a great burden to see hearts rescued by the Redeemer.

idea caught on, and more and more venues began opening up to accommodate the
participants who prayed through a theme simultaneously.    

February, 110 women met at the Luis Palau Association headquarters to pray all
night long. "The night was a rare experience–intense, intimate, and
powerful," said Wendy Palau, who planned the event at LPA. "The time
spent with our Lord revitalized my life in a way few events can."

was so well received that LPA is hosting its second annual Women's Night in
Prayer on February 24-25 at their facilities in Beaverton, Oregon. The Palau team hopes to maximize the power of
prayer by providing new resources and extending the impact of intercessory
prayer in 2012.

is an integral part of everything we do–from festivals to staff meetings,"
said LPA President Kevin Palau. "We're entering our busiest season of
ministry yet, and we know that we need to consult and petition the Lord for His
guidance and blessing in everything we do. That's what this initiative is

several Portland-area churches, plans are underway for a satellite prayer event
in Sacramento, CA, where the Palau team will host a festival this June.
Churches in Haiti, Jamaica, Australia, and more will also be mobilized to pray
on the night of the event and beyond.

the event draws closer, there will be more links and tools for participants to
access which will enable people across the country to participate.


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