Prayer Ministry short-term teams are vital to long-term missionaries.

By June 21, 2006

International (MNN) — Prayer is a powerful tool that God’s people can use against the strongholds of the enemy. Men For Missions International’s Bill Evans says that’s why they send out short-term prayer ministry teams to dozens of countries around the world.

It’s about surrounding the missionaries and national workers with first-hand support, says Evans. “Certainly you can do that from afar, but we believe that God really gives us a mandate to go and to claim that land in person and to walk the land and to really just give Him the victory. And so that’s what we like to do on behalf of the missionaries, with the missionaries; so it works out really well in partnership that way.”

More than just praying in general, it’s about really taking on the enemy, and Evans says it’s an exciting ministry to be part of, “What a great opportunity it is for people to see God work on behalf of their prayers. We’ve seen people that have been richly blessed; we’ve seen people that have wanted to become even more involved with the prayer ministry in that particular country that they visited.”

As the layman’s voice of OMS International, Men For Missions supports the work of OMS worldwide. Every Community for Christ is an OMS initiative to train and equip church planting teams to go into unreached areas with the Gospel. Evans says, those are key areas where MFM sends in a prayer ministry team. “We like to surround those training sessions and strategy sessions with prayer, and so we’ll build prayer teams that will go and specifically pray with those ECC workers and also pray for the meetings that are going on.”

Evans says the ministry opportunities are continuing to grow, and it’s exciting, but they need prayer warriors now more than ever. “We’re just so excited. We’ve watched our prayer ministry grow, and it’s grown because people have a burden for the lost. And I think that would speak to every Christian, I would hope, that they’d have a burden for the lost, because God certainly does.”

Men For Missions has a number of trips listed on the MNN Short-term Missions Database. Click the “Go On A Trip” tab on the sidebar to search for MFM trips.

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