Prayer needed for Celtic speaking work

By June 27, 2006

United Kingdom (MNN) — While ‘religion’ in Wales, Ireland and Scotland is a part of the culture, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is rare in this region of the world. The Celtic speaking peoples are a part of this area and are the focus of a prayer effort by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

For the most part, the Celtic-speaking people live in depressed economic conditions, with fishing, tourism and industry driving the economy. Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Non-conformist Christian make up the bulk of the religious influences in these areas. However, in Wales, less than nine percent of the population attends church, with much less than 2 percent evangelical. In Ireland, the Catholic Church has lost much of its authority, and there are no evangelical churches in the Irish languages. The Bible is available (not always very comprehensible) in Welsh, Irish, Manx, Gaelic, and recently the New Testament in Breton and Cornish.

The Celtic Languages Team is continually looking for opportunities to develop relationships with the Celtic-speaking peoples. Over a period of time, Celtic Languages Team members will be participating in a new program designed to develop strategies that will be effective in their respective cultures. Please pray for effective language learning and cultural understanding for team members learning Welsh, Irish and Breton. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Celtic peoples to receive His precious gift of eternal life.

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