American evangelist teaches Arab Christians to pray for their families

By June 27, 2006

Middle East (MNN) — American Evangelist Sammy Tippit is calling on Christians in the Middle East to start a concerted prayer effort. It’s an effort to reach people with the Gospel who are closest to them. It’s not their neighbors and they’re not talking about people in nearby city. Tippit’s asking them to begin praying for their family.

Tippit says, “We’ve impacted nations by encouraging people to pray for their families and share Christ with them. Many thousands have come to Christ. I felt that it’s time to issue a clarion call to believers around the world to pray for their families.”

Tippit teamed up with Equip Ministries as they just finished training Christian leaders in a Middle East nation.

Tippit has started writing a book that teaches people how to pray for their families. He hopes to release it in the beginning of 2007. A workbook is also being prepared for small group study. Tippit plans to provide a DVD of his teaching to those who participate in the study. The first place that he taught the material that will be in the book was at the leadership conference in this Middle Eastern nation. There were 120 leaders gathered from two different nations for the conference.

Tippit also spent time training the leaders in how to conduct a small group which would teach others the principles of “Praying for Your Family.” STM hopes to have the book translated into the languages of the two nations early next year in order to provide a book, workbook, and VCD of the materials.

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