A two judge panel allows Hopegivers work to reopen in India

By June 27, 2006

India (MNN) — It’s been nearly five months, but the prayers of God’s people are beginning to move the hearts of key leaders in Rajasthan, India. In February, the local government revoked all of the licenses of Hopegivers International , including their orphanage, hospital, schools and Bible schools which operates under the name of Emmanuel Mission. They also arrested key Hopegivers leaders, including President Samuel Thomas.

Yesterday, that all changed, says Hopegivers’ spokesman Bill Bray. “The High Court in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan has granted relief from the charges against us. The bottom line that our bank accounts should be able to operating again on the 28th of this month.”

This will allow Hopegivers to open their 66 schools and Bible schools on time, operate the orphanage and begin taking patients again at their hospital. Bray says, “At least 20,000 people would be affected by this.”

Bray attributes this to prayer. “This is a week of prayer and fasting. On Saturday, we had a day of prayer and fasting. All across America on Sunday, our supporting churches joined us. This is a wonderful evidence of God’s power.”

Bray says this may be evidence that the local government doesn’t have a case. The local Kota government must now prove why they revoked Hopegiver’s licenses. Those briefs will be heard in court on July 4th.

Bray is asking people to pray for their staff in Kota. “A lot of them have taken other jobs and some have worked all these months without pay. Now they can get paid. It’s just going to be a time of great adjustment for all of the field staff.”

In the meantime, Hopegivers’ founder MA Thomas and President Samuel Thomas are still in hiding. They’ve been charged with anti-nationalism by the same local unit of government. It’s uncertain when this case will be heard by the national court, since the local government can’t prosecute this case. They can only file those charges.

Continue to pray for the work in the rest of India as well as Africa, and Haiti.

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