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By March 24, 2009

Thailand (MNN/ASN) — Christians around the world are being asked to pray for Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels. He was traveling in Cambodia this week when he suffered some very serious heart issues. Family members say his life is in danger.

Bobby is a Christian recording artist (formerly with WORD Records), who firmly believes that the Message of God's love can be shared through the medium of music and the arts in a powerful and personal way. He was attending a pastors conference in Cambodia.

Before he left home to spend a month in Asia and Australia, Bobby had been very sick with the flu.

A Web update on Bobby's condition says: "This morning he woke up and said that he was 'feeling the best he had in 2 weeks.' Around noon (Cambodia time) Bobby passed out. They took him to the local health clinic as there is no hospital in the small town they were in.

"After running a few IV's through him, it was evident that he needed to get to a hospital," said a family spokesperson.

"An ambulance brought Mom, Bobby and a doctor and his wife (who's a nurse) who were attending the conference to the main hospital in Phnom Penh which was a few hours' drive. Jim and Cheryl McCandliss met up with my parents at the hospital in Phnom Penh.

"Please be praying as Bobby's heart is only working at 30 percent. There is fluid around his heart and not much blood flow to his heart. He has a myocardial infarction of his heart. He has the best cardiologists in Cambodia looking after him right now!"

Jim McCandliss, who was traveling with Bobby, was asked what he thought of the hospital. His response: "The conditions are very basic, but we are confident in the doctors' and nurses' abilities."

After a day of treatment there, he was med-E-vac to Bankok, Thailand for further care.

The spokesperson said: "In the morning the the Bankok doctors took Bobby out of the room to go run some tests. On their way down to the exam room, Bobby's heart stopped beating, and they resuscitated him and took him immediately into surgery. They put 2 stents in his heart and removed a blood clot. After recovering from this surgery, he was then transferred back to his room where his wife was waiting for him.

"While they were setting him back up in his room, his heart failed again, and once again they resuscitated him. The reason for this was that the muscles were too weak to do their job. His heart was accepting the stents and Bobby did really well for the next 6-8 hours. He has tubes down his throat and is needing to rest and stay still. He has been quite restless though during all of this."

In the latest update, the spokesperson said Bobby is resting very well right now.

Here are some specific prayer requests from the family:
* That Bobby would rest, that his restlessness to be gone
* That his blood pressure would stabilize
* Continued wisdom for the doctors and medical team
* For his mom to be able to get GOOD rest
* For Jim & Cheryl to be able to get good rest also
* Wisdom & Knowledge for Mom, Jim, Cheryl & Jennifer as decisions need to be made

Please pray for wisdom, strength, peace and comfort for all involved.

Bobby is also the founder of Musicianaries International, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry. "The mission of Musicianaries International, Inc. is to take the good news of Jesus Christ to others worldwide through the performing and fine arts, education and discipleship, spiritual growth and development, and missions and evangelism, and to present a missions-oriented, biblical worldview to the Church in the Western world."

Bobby Michaels performs over 150 concerts a year around the globe. In 1986, he became the first Christian Artist in over 40 years to be allowed to tour the People's Republic of China. In 2002, he became one of the first Christian artists to ever be invited to North Korea to be a featured artist in the Annual Spring Music Festival. His two albums for WORD ("I Have A Reason" and "Time") produced several radio chart "hits," including the most recent "Time," "Anything That Costs Me Nothing," and "My Redeemer Is Faithful and True." "I Say Rejoice" came next with active radio play all over the world.

Formerly a "back-up singer" for notable entertainers like Freddie Fender, Linda Ronstadt, B.J. Thomas, John Denver, etc., Bobby found himself with a very serious cocaine addiction. Searching for peace, he found the truth of God and His gentle voice of forgiveness through Jesus Christ His Son. In 1985, after signing a recording contract with WORD Records, Michaels teamed with producer-arranger Kurt Kaiser in London's ABBEY ROAD STUDIO to record his debut album, "I Have A Reason."

The next album, "Time," produced by Dick Tunney, was a highly critically acclaimed project heard in over 32 countries. Bobby received his first GRAMMY nomination for this album. His next project, a hymn album entitled, "This Is My Father's World," appeals to all ages and promises hope and encouragement to all, as it receives global radio airplay.

Next came "Healing Under Your Wings" recorded in Nashville on the Ministry Music record label. Bobby's newest release, "New Man," made the preliminary GRAMMY nomination list for 2001-2002 (with a "tie-in" with "New Man Magazine"). It deals with joy, peace, and a celebration of a "new man's" understanding of God's grace and greater intimacy with Jesus. "New Man" is a "fresh sound with a renewed energy…" (CCM Magazine).

Bobby's most-recent release is entitled "TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH" and was recorded in Dublin, Ireland with the Irish Film Orchestra ("Riverdance"); Havana, Cuba; Pretoria, South Africa (with the "Lion King Singers"), and Nashville, TN. It is his largest project to date with 50 strings and 5 French horns, encompassing Bobby's heart for the nations, proclaiming Jesus as Savior.

Bobby Michaels now balances his work between national and international ministry, singing to many different nationalities on National Television programs, on radio, and public appearances as diverse as Cambodian Television for King Sihanouk in Cambodia, massive outdoor concerts in Swaziland, and Christmas evening on the main street of Singapore, invited by the Government to sing to an estimated 80,000 Asians gathered to share the Christmas eve "countdown."

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