Prayer the only way to reach four groups in Africa

By January 25, 2010

Africa (MNN) — Slavery. Forced prostitution. Child warfare. How will these issues ever be resolved? There is only one place to start: prayer.

Every Child Ministries has issued a new initiative to get people praying. ECM co-founder Lorella Rouster says Every Child Ministries prays for its partners daily, but will now pray even more specifically. For one month, the ministry wants others to join them in their campaign to pray for distinct groups in Africa.

"We have issued a prayer guide called ‘Prayer for the Dark Places,'" explains Rouster. "It features four major topics for prayer, one for each week for a month of prayer."

The four topics are actually four groups of people in Africa. Two groups–the Karimojong of northern Uganda along with the Baggara Arabs of Sudan and Chad–are people groups that have yet to be reached with the Gospel. The other two groups include a confused religious group known as the Africanian Mission of Ghana, and the militaristic Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Every Child Ministries works in close proximity to all of these groups. Many within the groups have forced people into slavery and have affected or opposed the work of Every Child Ministries in Africa. While Every Child Ministries encourages people to pray for the victims of these atrocities, they also ask for prayers for the perpetrators themselves. The ministry is so concerned with the hearts of these people that they are planning outreach to some. But, Rouster points out, none of their hearts will be changed without prayer.

"We're just trusting God for a breakthrough in these four very difficult areas. We know that nothing can be done really without prayer because these things are way beyond the capacity of what any person can do."

Consider joining hands in this prayer effort with friends, family, church members, or individually. The Prayer for the Dark Places guides are meant to last one month, but they are not dated, so you can start at any time. To get involved, e-mail Every Child Ministries or call them at (219) 996-4201.

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