Prayer turns storm; paves way for Mozambique outreach

By February 20, 2012

Mozambique (MNN) — Cyclone Giovanna killed 16 in Madagascar
last week before taking aim at Mozambique. 

Some 65 people were injured and about 11,000 people left
homeless after Cyclone Giovanna ravaged the country's eastern seaboard.

The region is prone to cyclones and tropical storms,
especially in the rainy season from February to May. Already there have been two other named
storms to track through the channel: Tropical Storm Dando and Cyclone Funso.

The quick succession of the storms brought torrential rain,
flooding, landslides and washouts. Cyclone
Funso was responsible for a washout that cut the city of Xai Xai off from
supplies and help.

The Audio Scripture Ministries
studio project in Xai Xai was in Giovanna's path, after having weathered
the fury of earlier systems. But a call to prayer went up, and the storm did a U-turn,
heading back to Madagascar, all the while losing strength. The team is thanking God for answered

Still, the region is in need of help. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF),
the national office for disaster response and humanitarian agencies are gearing
up to help those affected by cyclone.

Weather delays to the construction did not stop the
teams. They're still working on the recording
and distribution of God's Word in audio. There's more about the studio project
at our Featured Links Section.

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