Prayer walk advances an evangelistic meeting in Haiti.

By May 22, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–In the 200 years of Haiti’s spiritual oppression, there has been one area emerging as the pilgrimage point.

Plaine-du-Nord (plen du nor), the home of many Voodoo ceremonial festivals, is considered the capital of the practice in Haiti.

In fact, the word “voodoo” comes from the West African word “vodun,” meaning spirit, and as frequently as they are called, they respond.

That makes the region a challenge for those who are committed to evangelism. Voodoo priests do not generally respond well to the Gospel message when it threatens their power…and ministry becomes an even more pronounced spiritual battleground.

Even so, believers are gearing up for Gospel meetings beginning May 25th. Men For Missions, the laymen’s voice of OMS International, is kicking things off by doing a prayer walk around the city.

MFM’s Bill Evans says their ‘prayer walk’ is in support of other outreaches that have been active in the area. “If we’ll go and be obedient to what the Lord has called us to do, as we’ve been doing with Operation Saturation and now with the New Day project in Haiti.”

In much the same plan of warfare as faced by the Israelites in the Old Testament, Evans says their prayer walk has purpose. “We just want to claim that land for Christ and clear that land of all the problems that the enemy would attempt to throw up in our way.”

Evans says they have a partner on the ground who’s been involved in the event planning. The most urgent prayer request is that: “As the evangelism effort begins on the 25th and goes through the 3rd of June, that the doors of heaven would be open wide and that people would rush in to receive a Savior. That’s our prayer, and that’s our hope.”

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