Youth respond to the life of Christ in the Philippines.

By May 22, 2006

Philippines (MNN)–Book of Hope’s GodMan film team says youth in the Philippines are responding to the life story of Christ.

Shown in schools, this high-tech, 3D, animated film on the life of Christ, has been a source of encouragement to some of the workers, as well.

Recently, a principal requested the results of the response forms that the students filled out after viewing the film. She said this information would help the school better respond to the needs of the students. Workers say hers is not an uncommon response.

Team members noted that students are constantly moved to tears at the crucifixion and burial scenes. The timing of the outreach is critical. Statistics show that children as young as four, although they cannot read, can still understand the salvation story. The same reports indicate that children between ages 4 and 14 are the most likely to make a decision for Jesus.

That said, BOH is looking at translating the film into 20 or more other languages, so that they’d be able to provide access to God’s Word to millions of children through the ‘GodMan’ movie.

Pray for this region of the world as more come face to face with Jesus.

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