Preparing for Urbana 15: Day Three

By September 24, 2015
Urbana 15

Urbana 15 establishes Matthew 7 as the foundation for the next conference.

USA (MNN) – In the final section of our Preparing for Urbana 15 series, York Moore of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship discusses one of Urbana 15’s driving themes: social justice.

It’s tough to think about kids being exploited, especially since the crime is often kept secret for years. But that’s why people like Moore, and the team behind the Price of Life program, are speaking up.

“There’s something insidious about human trafficking.

“When we look at a child, we know that there’s something holy there. We know that there’s something sacred there,” notes Moore.

“And so, it’s beyond our imagination to think that we could commoditize a person for profit or for pleasure, that we could exploit somebody.”

Millennials and social justice

Social justice issues–from civil rights to human trafficking–have become a driving force for many Millennials.

(Image courtesy

(Image courtesy

“They care about the world, they care about the poor, they care about the exploited,” Moore observes.

“It seems like college students care about pretty much everything.”

As they plug Millennials into transformative solutions to social justice issues like human trafficking, InterVarsity staff also point college students to the only One with power to redeem social evils: Jesus Christ.

Millennials and missions

Through Price of Life and Urbana 15, InterVarsity gives college students the tools they need to fight human trafficking.

(Photo courtesy Merced College)

(Photo courtesy Merced College)

Ready to erase the scourge of human trafficking? Join forces with like-minded Millennials at Urbana 15.


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