Producer flees country in North Africa

By February 23, 2012

North Africa (MNN) — The Arab Spring has taken its toll on many nations in North Africa. In a few of those nations, it's difficult to even "be" a Christian, let alone practice your faith. Doing so could be a death sentence. That fear has caused one Christian man to flee his country.

HCJB Global's leader in the region is a man we're calling "Lobito." He tells us about the man who fled: a program producer with one of their ministry partners in North Africa. "He couldn't go back to his country. He was all of a sudden without family, without friends, without work, without anything and even illegal in another country. Then he decided in the midst of all the circumstances to produce programs for his own country."

According to Lobito, there were no active churches in his country, so HCJB Global helped him. "We helped him to get a portable studio. We helped him to get some income so he could start to produce programs."

Lobito says they have been touching hearts through short-wave radio broadcasting. As a result, people began giving their hearts to Jesus. This week, however, the program producer began facing problems again. "He had to flee again out of this country. We transferred some money to him, and now we don't know where he is. We hope to get in contact with him as soon as possible. We really have to pray for this person."

While the Arab Spring created incredible conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, it also created openness. Libito says, "Arabic people are nervous or confused about how Muslims can kill other Muslims. This is a starting point for rethinking, 'Is this really the truth that we believe in?'"

That's why Christians around the world need to be praying about HCJB's partner broadcasts into North Africa and the Middle East. Lobito says, "As we work with a lot of local people on the ground, we need wisdom on how to encourage local people to continue producing local programs reaching their neighbor."

This time in world history could be strategic. "In the midst of a hopeless moment, God starts to work. We really don't know how long we're able to do the ministry. But for now, and for the next couple of months, we see an open door."

Results from an independent radio survey firm reveal that more than 1.5 million people in the Arab World are tuning in at least weekly to HCJB's Arabic-language broadcasts. In addition, statistics indicate that those listening through Internet live-streaming and mobile apps increased by more than 300% in the past two years.

HCJB is absolutely passionate about mobilizing Christ-followers to use radio to introduce Jesus Christ as the Hope of the world to those who live in North Africa and the Middle East.

You can touch the lives of individuals in this region by helping them hear radio programs that become friends on their journey to knowing Jesus Christ.

$35 will sponsor 1 hour of broadcasting. If you would like to help support this work in North Africa, click here.

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