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Published on 29 April, 2010

Profitable businesses mean hope for the future

Cameroon (MNN) — In many of the impoverished countries of West Africa, business endeavors fail without the proper funds or training. With this prospective, the future looks bleak.

However, since 2006, Global Advance has partnered with the Kingdom Business Network of Cameroon Africa "to see Jesus Christ lifted high in their nation through the marketplace," according to the Global Advance Web site.

This team includes several business leaders from the U.S. who are teaching and coaching accounting, marketing, management and Biblical worldview in business. They are also working with church leaders, helping them set up their own credit unions and business training to help the people of their congregation.

Some who previously had large amounts of money stolen from them because they were not business savvy now have thriving and profitable businesses. Business managers have been empowered to start their own businesses. One woman started a poultry business raising free-range chickens and is now instructing her daughter in the business to sustain her as well.

Ultimately, Global Advance said, "What's encouraging is that this group takes the Great Commission seriously. They are going to other towns throughout West Africa, teaching others and making disciples."

For individuals in Cameroon impacted by this, their futures are looking more and more hopeful.

Want to help Global Advance positively affect more futures? Check out their Web site to see how you can help, even if you are business savvy yourself.

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