Protests and gang violence spread to Cap Haïtien

By October 14, 2022

Haiti (MNN) — Riots continue to rock Haiti. For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says they’re no longer limited to the capital. Widespread protests and gang violence now affect Cap Haïtien, 123 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

“The population is saying that they’re not going to stop until the Prime Minister leaves Haiti,” DeHart says.

“Every time he (Prime Minister Ariel Henry) goes on the radio to address the nation, things get substantially worse.”

Store shelves are bare because delivery trucks cannot reach the city. “Many Haitians live hand to mouth; they’re out trying to get enough food for their families for that day,” DeHart says.

“This (unrest) is making it even harder because now sometimes they can’t find anything, even if they have money.”

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

For Haiti With Love operates one of the few medical clinics in Cap Haïtien. More about that here. “We were on the verge of closing because [we were] running out of supplies, but the plane got in and got us everything we needed,” DeHart says.

“[Our partners brought] everything that they had in their hangar for us, so they totally resupplied the clinic. Now, we can patch them (citizens) up when they get shot or cut on the streets.”

Believers share Christ daily in word and deed at the clinic. “The fact that we are still open in the midst of all of this is a big testimony. God gets all the credit for that,” DeHart says.

Donate here to help For Haiti With Love keep its medical clinic open and stocked.

Meanwhile, here’s how you can pray alongside a five-year-old Haitian boy: “His prayer was, ‘Dear God, Haiti is in trouble. Please help Haiti,’” DeHart says.

“‘Please make the people change so they will love You. If they love You, they won’t do the bad things. And, I want to go to school. Please make the streets safer again.’”



Header image courtesy of For Haiti With Love.