BFTW participates in Mongolia evangelistic event

By October 14, 2022

Mongolia (MNN) — Bibles for the World recently participated in a large evangelistic event in Mongolia. They worked with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaan Baatar. Over 2,000 people said they would follow Jesus.

John Pudaite says it is the 125th country Bibles for the World has served. “Certainly, as you fly into Mongolia, you do feel like you’re you’ve reached the uttermost parts of the earth. It’s a beautiful country, very sparsely populated with only three and a half million people. And out of these three and a half million, less than 70,000 are followers of Christ.”

Bibles for Mongolia

Bibles for the World distributed 38,000 Gospel of John copies as people left the arena following the event. Pudaite says, “We were able to provide scriptures for them to take back to their villages, to their communities.” Hundreds of buses came to the event from all across Mongolia.

Pudaite says almost all Christians in Mongolia are first-generation believers. “You do feel like you’re in the book of Acts. The passion, the fervor, the excitement for evangelism, and for reaching out with this message of salvation through Jesus Christ is just so alive among these young people. It’s contagious.”

“Just know that God is going to continue to do amazing things in this country.”

Now, Bibles for the World will provide 250,000 Gospel of John copies that partners will distribute across the country.

Ask God to build the Mongolian Church.



Header photo courtesy of Bibles for the World. 

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