TWR team survives Kyiv shelling unscathed

By October 13, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — The world rallies around Ukraine following Russian attacks on civilian targets in Kyiv. Ukrainian allies promised new air defense systems at a NATO meeting yesterday.

Russia pummeled Kyiv with missiles for two days straight, killing 19 and wounding more than a hundred. Allegedly a response to an attack in Crimea, this week’s assault is the first targeting Kyiv since June.

Kyiv after Russian shelling on the morning of 10 October 2022. As of 10 AM, 5 people are known to be killed and 12 to be injured.
(Wikimedia Commons)

TransWorld Radio Europe is reconnecting with the team in Ukraine. “They have been affected but no harm has happened to people or to studios,” International Director Dirk Müller says.

“The last couple of days, it was very challenging. Sometimes as I listen to their stories, I feel like they are the heroes of faith.”

Ever since Russia began its war on Ukraine in February, the TWR Ukraine team has sacrificed safety for service. See our coverage here.We have death again. We have mountains of destruction. But I suddenly caught myself thinking that there is no fear in my heart,” team leader Alexander Chmut said in a video posted on TWR Ukraine’s Facebook page.

“They’re people like you and me. They are sad, terrified, angry; they’re full of worries. And still, they decide to stay in the situation,” Müller says.

“They have decided not to flee, but to give their lives for the ministry in faith,” he continues, describing inspiring lessons he learned from the TWR Ukraine team.

“When hardship and war, unrest rocks the world, the only hope we have is a rock called Jesus. As TWR, we have to stand and proclaim this rock Jesus Christ into these war zones.”

Whether on the radio or social media, TWR’s Christ-centered programming is changing lives. The team recently heard this from a listener:

“I am an atheist. But every time I hear you, my heart overflows with love and respect for you. May there be many Christians like you. If I ever meet you, I want to hug you as if you were my family. Thanks for everything.”

Will you join TWR to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this chaos? Pray TWR Europe can successfully complete work on a new transmitter, which would boost its reach into the region.

“I cannot tell you where this transmitter is for security reasons. But it will be a powerful medium wave transmitter that we can use so Ukraine would be fully covered,” Müller says.



Header photo depicts TWR Ukraine team leader Alexander Chmut.  (Photo courtesy of TWR)