Provide New Testament Bibles to children in Russia

By December 13, 2010

Russia (MNN) — As the winter brings the cold weather, some areas of the world get hit a lot harder than others. We might think that 15-20 degrees is cold, but areas in Russia can drop as low as -45 to -55 below zero. This next week during the night, Siberia, Russia is predicted to drop down to -50 degrees below zero; many who have no home or shelter will freeze to death.

Sergey Rakhuba, President of Russian Ministries, says that during these freezing conditions, Russians need the warmth of Christ in their hearts to bring them hope. Young Christians in Russia and in Slavic churches in the U.S. are "packing their gear: they're raising funds. They're packing Christmas gifts to reach out to children that live in those remote places," says Rakhuba.

New Testament Bibles are ready to be delivered to the children in orphanages, schools and hospitals. Russian Ministries "Project Hope" has raised about $81,000 to pay for Bibles for the kids. Their goal is $90,000, which will provide 80,000 pictured New Testaments for children.

"We still need $9,000 to match this need, and I would greatly appreciate all those who listen [to] me to give any amount toward this project to Russian Ministries," Rakhuba said.

There is spiritual darkness in the arctic and unreached people groups that need to hear the Gospel. Rakhuba said, "Some groups like Yenisei, Khanti, Selkupi, and others, up until maybe even 10 or 15 years ago, had not even heard the name of Jesus. Today we have national young believers among those groups who have taken this torch and [are] carrying it into their villages."

Russian Ministries says it only takes $100 to print 90 Bibles. $1,000 will send 900 Bibles to children and families in the Siberian area. "The New Testament will be the source of information for kindness, for love, for hope, for salvation for them," Rakhuba says. "I'm sure that people that are listening can do it; every $100 or $1,000 will change 100s of people, 1,000s of people, and will change the culture of the young generation in the former Soviet Union."

"Project Hope" touches lives and gives the Russian people a chance to know the salvation that comes through knowing Christ as their Savior. You can donate through the Russian Ministries Web site or call our resource line at 800.284.9361.

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