Pygmy tribes in Africa receiving Treasures

By December 16, 2014
World Mission distributes Treasures to third world countries. (Photo by World Mission)

World Mission distributes Treasures to third world countries, including these people from DRC. (Photo by World Mission)

DRC/Congo (MNN) — In a world where technology is always improving, values seem to shift, and the latest craze will be forgotten tomorrow, it’s hard to grasp the fact that many people around the world are living life much like they did a hundred years ago.

Often these isolated people groups change much more slowly. Some are even resistant to change, and that can include religion. Greg Kelley of World Mission recently sent us a report from the field about a tribe living in The Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo. The Gospel has not yet reached this group.

He shares more about it and how you can be praying: “I’m looking out over the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo and even across the river into the Republic of Congo, where the last remaining unreached people group in both of these great nations lives: it’s the Pygmy people. World Mission has two teams–one is on sight right now among the Pygmies in the northern part of the DRC, and another one leaves next week for the Republic of Congo. They will be distributing Treasures in the native tongue of the Pygmy people who have largely rejected the Gospel, and they largely have been overlooked; there’s not been mission activity. But we have two teams that are going out, and they’ll be targeting these precious people that Jesus died for. So we just would encourage you to be praying for the Pygmies of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo that they would open their hearts to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

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  • Tommy Oke says:

    As part of my new year resolutions, and as a Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I will like to participate in your medical and/or spiritual short missions Kindly take a moment to visit my 2 websites above to know more about me.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon. THANKS!

  • rol says:

    Hello that is great you have distributed “Treasures”
    We have language recordings you may use as well for
    the Pygmies. Go to Let me know if I
    can be of further help. Downloads are free.

  • Fourteen of us will be praying.

  • Knud Knudsen says:

    Dear frinds in Christ – thanks for what you are doing for theese children of God.
    I visited a group of Mbutis at the border of S.Kivu and Maniema. They never saw a white missionary, but after two hours preaching the Gospel, they all wanted to be one of our Lords children. Showing the film ‘Jesus’ their hearts were broken.
    Second time for my visit I was told that some others visited them to try to convince other belive by giving them chothes; but they got this answer: The missionary brought us Jesus, you are only bringing chothes.
    They found the thrue treasure coming from Heaven and not from man. This time 31 children and 11 adults were baptized.
    Praised be our Lord. Remember me in your prayers for theese children of God
    Missionary from the Moravian Church Eastern Congo Mission Area

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