Radio helps share Christ in earthquake-ravaged Japan

By March 28, 2011

Japan (MNN) — While food, water, medicine, housing and clothing are import in relief outreach, Japanese Christians aren't forgetting about the spiritual needs.

HCJB Global is beaming Christian radio programming into Japan via shortwave. Their Japanese language service manager Kazuo Ozaki says victims are, "are trying to find a way out, at the same time they're trying to know what went wrong in Japan. It's a wake-up call from heaven to re-establish a new Japan. When one life ends, new life begins. The country of Japan should be a country of a loving God."

HCJB Global Voice broadcasts into Japan twice a week. Over the weekend, Ozaki says they aired a special one hour broadcast. "It's intended to help listeners to know the whereabouts of their fellow listeners."

But, are the Japanese open to hearing about the Gospel? Ozaki says, "By all means. I think this disaster was a wake-up call." He says they faced a similar situation during World War II, "But, they went more to the material things. 66 years later, the Japanese people are very, very proud of all their prosperity, but they lost their moral foundation."

Ozaki says, "This time, I think God is calling to the Japanese people to restore the nation. They're trying to find their way out, at the same time trying to find out what went wrong."

HCJB Global is partnering with a local church in Tokyo. They take phones and other correspondence from listeners who have questions about what they hear on the air.

Funding is needed to help continue these broadcasts.


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