Radio ministry joins video revolution

By April 29, 2008

International (MNN) — Radio and
the internet can go where traditional missionaries can't.

Trans World Radio has partnered
with for just this reason.

TWR's Bob Hall says the cooperation will
open doors to reach users already adapted to Facebook, My Space and other
Web-based communications. "With the
advent of some of these other social networking sites, people are looking for
content such as this."   

It's a
familiar format for technology connoisseurs. On YouTube, participants are urged by the site's trademarked slogan to
"Broadcast Yourself." However, Christians
flocking to GodTube are encouraged to "Broadcast Him." 

Halls says this partnership "puts us in a cutting edge position to be
able to reach out to a generation that might not be too interested in what
we're doing, or may not even be aware, to bring Trans World Radio to where they
'hang out.'" 

For many, is a safe place in a virtual world where
every corner has some vice lurking. For others, it's a safe place to grow in their
faith. There are millions of Christians around the world between the ages of 20
to 40, speaking a message through the Internet.

GodTube provides
a unique forum where they can get together, exchange ideas and encourage one
another toward evangelism. Users can share podcast sermons,
blog about their faith, questions and ask for community feedback.

Its purpose is to connect
Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel
worldwide. Hall explains that what they're providing is
an invitation to action in the Great Commission. "We hope to raise
awareness of what we're doing so that people will join us, either in service,
going on short-term mission's trips, getting involved with the ministry in some
way, supporting us by going to the various fields, either by short term
assignments, or even in career missionary service."

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what TWR is doing on

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