Radio ministry rediscovering the ‘lost writings’ of Corrie Ten Boom

By August 12, 2008

International (MNN) — Trans World Radio has rediscovered the
'lost writings' of Corrie Ten Boom from a forgotten archive of her radio

They were uncovered by a TWR missionary in the Netherlands office who
was culling the audio archives for more of her work. All the veteran saint's
devotions were originally broadcast over TWR from 1966 to the early 1970s in
her native Dutch tongue.

TWR U.S. director of Strategic
Initiatives & Partnerships Tom Watkins explains: "These were programs that
she broadcast in Dutch and had never before been translated into English. Essentially, it's kind of like finding a
'Fort Knox,' in terms of original content from Corrie Ten Boom, that's never
been translated into English."

The broadcasts turned into a devotional called "I Stand at
the Door and Knock." Watkins edited
the book and noted: "There was
virtually nothing that we had to change in terms of updating, or making
something relevant, or taking a message and thinking 'What she's saying here is
not pertinent for today.' It's
remarkably timeless, the devotional thoughts that she had." 

The book debuted last month and has been distributed to
booksellers across the U.S. Published by Zondervan Publishing House in Grand
Rapids, MI, it comprises the third and likely final installment of Corrie's
extensive writings culled from unused audio segments containing her spiritual

Earlier collaborations between TWR and Zondervan included two
other books of Corrie's unpublished radio scripts: "Reflections of God's Glory"
and "Messages of God's Abundance."

Through the rubble of post-World War II Europe, Corrie
accomplished what brute force never could: conquering hearts across the world
with the healing words of God's hope and love. "Our hope is is that there will be a whole new generation of
people and readers out there who may not have been familiar with Corrie Ten
Boom and her story and 'The Hiding Place,' who will be brand new to this

Corrie Ten Boom's story came out in the international bestseller, The Hiding
and was made into a movie by the same title. The book portrays the Ten Boom
family's efforts to hide Jews during the German occupations of The Netherlands
during World War II, and the sustaining power of God through the atrocities of
a concentration camp after Corrie and her family were captured by the Nazis.

Upon her release and until her death in1983, Corrie traveled the
world, preaching the Gospel to the lost and encouraging the church with her message
of love, faith, and forgiveness.






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