Radio station gets welcome surprise

By April 25, 2008

Ecuador (MNN) — Two years ago, HCJB Global Voice was aware that they would have to dismantle their station in Pifo, Ecuador. It's a station near the capital city of Quito
and needs to be removed to make way for an international airport that will be going in.    

However, a welcome six-month extension was given when requested by HCJB last year. Then, recently, in addition, another six-month extension was given. Now, the station will remain open until October 2008–a year longer than expected. 

This allows the station to continue doing test broadcasts to Europe and to Brazil. They air
Portuguese, Spanish, Quichua, Quechua, German, Low German, Cofan, Waorani, and Culina from the shortwave station. They are researching these broadcasts as they are produced in digital shortwave formats. As the face of radio changes, HCJB is keeping up with the changes to remain relevant to their intended audience.

After the station is removed, the mass media director for HCJB Global, Doug Weber, says, "We will continue to broadcast after the 2008 deadline on the remaining antennas for as long as we feel is reasonable and prudent."

HCJB Global Voice stations help get God's word into homes. Local stations are then encouraged to get involved in the community to develop long-term relationships in order to make a lasting impact for Christ.    

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