Radios being delivered to areas hardest hit by the tsunami

By February 14, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — Tsunami victims will be able to hear the message of Christ thanks to missionary radio and people like you.

Gregg Harris, the president of Far East Broadcasting Company says 10,000 high-tech radios are on their way to the hardest hit areas of Indonesia for distribution. “They are wind-up, they don’t need batteries and if you’ve seen pictures of the devastation in Indonesia you realize that getting batteries in that part of the world is not going to be easy.”

The radios will be literally a life-line for many of these people to find out where they can get food, water, shelter and other life-saving information. But, Harris says these radios will be life-saving for another reason. “They are going to be able to hear our programming. FEBC broadcasts in 13 different tribal languages throughout Indonesia. And, the people that will receive these radios will be able to hear our broadcasts.”

While the radios are on their way to Indonesia, they’re not paid for, yet. “Out of the 10,000, I would say, we have about 6,000 of the radios paid for right now. So, we’re a good way toward the goal, but there’s still quite a ways still to go.”

It only costs $30 to place each radio. Your $30 gift won’t allow only one person to hear Christian programming. “People overseas listen to radio in groups. And, we generally pre-qualify the people to get these radios. We don’t simply walk down the street and hand out a free radio. We try to give them to people that are really interested in hearing our programming and who need them and also who are willing to share that with other people.”

Prayer is needed, however. “This is a part of the world that we have to deal very carefully with how we work and the way we come into the area. This is a part of the world that has not been receptive to Christian work or Christian workers. We really need to pray for the people giving out these radios as well as those receiving them,” says Harris.

You can help by going to their web site, or give them a call in the U-S at 800-523-3480.

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