Radios make a difference in lives around the world

By November 23, 2010

Africa (MNN) — A radio can make all the difference in someone's life for Christ. For much of the world, radio still remains the main source of communication. Many don't have the internet, own a television, or might not even be able to read. Radios are a lifeline to those who have nothing else.

HCJB Global has partnered with Moody Radio to launch the HCJB Global Campaign for Africa. The Campaign was held for four weeks with four HCJB Global representatives in five Moody Radio Stations. They had dozens of volunteers and 3,696 donors. The Campaign raised over 7,000 radios to go to Africa and to spread the Gospel.

The generosity of donors knows no bounds. One woman wanted to give but didn't have any money available. That very night she received an anonymous check of $100 in her mailbox, and she proceeded to donate to the campaign. There are many more stories like this of people giving out of the kindness of their heart because they truly believe in what HCJB Global and Moody Radio are doing.

"We are so thankful for the thousands of Moody Radio listeners that responded to the 'Turn the Radios On' campaign with HCJB Global," said Bruce Everhart, Manager of Marketing and Development for Moody Radio. "Their generous support of this cause is another great reminder of how God is using our listeners to advance His kingdom across the globe, and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

The project, "Turn the Radios On," run by HCJB Global, sends solar-powered radios around the world to be distributed by partner stations. They have been able to start more than 400 Christian radio stations in over 100 countries for many that otherwise would never hear about Christ.

The radios are fix-tuned, meaning that listeners will only be able to hear local Christian stations. People can listen to the stations day and night. The Gospel message is heard through these stations, as well as programming about healthcare, community issues and family life. The radios impact lives physically and spiritually around the world.

Donations to send a radio are being accepted to continue this outreach. It costs $35 to provide a radio for a family. Click here to get involved and make it possible for someone to hear the message of Christ through a radio.

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