Rape case the exception; most court cases in India resemble this one

By April 4, 2013

India (MNN) — One of India's notorious trademarks is its tortoise-like legal system.

An exception, of course, is the New Delhi rape case that gained international attention in late 2012.

"The fact that the incident–the attack and murder–happened in December and the perpetrators are already in court with a judge and a jury, is very, very unusual in India," says Lindsay Ackerman with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India.

"We actually have a case that's been pending for 3 1/2 years."

Ackerman describes the typical process of events: the courts set an appearance date each month that everyone involved in the case is expected to attend. Mission India staff and partners are expected to drop everything and travel to a certain location; it's a 12-hour trip for some individuals. And on each occasion, courts postpone the hearing for a month or two.

Earlier this week, their case was postponed until May 31st.

"There's just been excuse after excuse and delay after delay," states Ackerman.

She describes the incident in question in a recent discussion; click here to listen to the entire interview. In 2009, Mission India partners and staff were holding a week-long training session for their Children's Bible Clubs.

"In the middle of the night, a mob of about 20 Hindu extremists burst into the building where they were having this training, dragged people out of the rooms, and beat them," Ackerman recalls.

Believers were arrested on false charges and later released. However, they are called to court each month. In the meantime, they are still telling people about Jesus. Ackerman says Children's Bible Clubs and Adult Literacy Classes are still held on a regular basis. Visit the Mission India Facebook page to see how these ministries are changing lives.

"What they have seen and heard they can't keep it to themselves, so we want to pray for that," she requests.

Pray also for new Children's Bible Clubs starting this week. There's a special matching fund where you can double the impact for a dollar. Check it out here.

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