Reaching prison inmates in Michigan with the hope of God’s Word.

By September 25, 2003

USA (MNN)–Operation Starting Line-Michigan is touted as an encouraging success. The OSL project is the major evangelistic thrust of the Crossroads Bible Institute.

CBI’s David Schuringa says after their recent visits to Michigan prisons, staff began gathering response data. Schuringa details the results. “OSL went into the prisons of Michigan, and it looks like it was a great success. Over five thousand inmates filled out response cards where they indicated a first time decision for Christ, or rededicated their life to Jesus Christ.”

Schuringa urges believers to, “…be praying for these inmates who responded at these Operation Starting Line events that they’ll sign up, that they’ll study God’s Word. In these evangelistic campaigns, the seed of God’s Word has been scattered in all the prisons of Michigan, and it’s going to be in all the prisons of this country. Pray that it’s going to find fertile soil.”

Crossroad Bible Institute equips the church to disciple inmates with the Word of God, free of charge, wherever they are incarcerated. It is a personal, in-depth and long-term program that is uniquely designed to help prisoners grow dramatically in a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, preparing them for successful reentry upon release.

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