Reaching the Deaf for Christ: Part Three

By October 9, 2014
Deaf Bible

(Graphic credit Deaf Bible)

International (MNN) — We’re wrapping up our mini-series about reaching the deaf for Christ. Back in April, Faith Comes by Hearing and Deaf Bible created the Deaf Bible mobile app and Deaf Bible Web site. These ministries also collaborate with Deaf Opportunity OutReach, or DOOR.

Today, DOOR CEO Rob Myers lists three ways you can help mission groups who are reaching the deaf for Christ.


As with any missionary endeavor, prayer is essential and takes top priority.

“Continue to pray. This is a huge work among a huge people group, and we need prayers,” says Myers. He says less than 25% of the world’s 400 sign languages have started any type of sign language Scripture projects.

“Out of 72 million deaf people around the world, only about half-percent of them have ever [been introduced to] the Gospel. Over 50% of them are completely illiterate, [and] there is no completed Bible in a sign language yet.”


(Photo cred: Deaf Bible)

(Photo credit Deaf Bible)

A second way you can take part in reaching the deaf for Christ is by sharing resources with hearing-impaired people in your social circles.

“If you have a deaf relative or someone that you know who is deaf, there are currently resources available for them through the mobile app, Deaf Bible,” Myers explains.

You can also access a number of Deaf Bible translations and resources at the Deaf Bible Web site or DOOR’s Web site:

“Many [deaf communities] have misunderstandings of what Scripture is about,” says Myers. “Access to a sign language Bible gives them a tool for understanding deeply the message of the Gospel.”


“A third thing they can do is support Bible translation organizations who do this type of work,” adds Myers.

“Our heart is to see lives transformed, and we found in our work that transformation can’t happen without access to God’s Word.”

(Photo cred: Deaf Bible)

(Photo cred: Deaf Bible)

By financially supporting ministries mentioned in our series: DOOR, Deaf Bible, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Wycliffe Associates, and The Seed Company, you’re making it possible for believers worldwide to reach the deaf for Christ.

“When a [deaf] person finally comes to understand that God has a plan for them, that God has gifted them in certain ways, and that they can contribute to His Kingdom–when you see their eyes light up and they begin to see their value, that transformation is amazing to watch,” notes Myers.

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