Rebuilding schools in Indonesia a huge need.

By February 25, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — As many of the tsunami dead have yet to be identified in the 11-nation region, rebuilding has replaced emergency relief as the primary goal. That’s the focus of the Association of Christian Schools, based in Colorado Springs, Colo., as they begin to help schools in Indonesia.

ACSI’s Phil Renicks says they support 70 schools in Indonesia. “We had about 14 of our members schools that received either moderate to severe damage from the earthquake and we’re trying to rebuild.”

Renicks says Christians and partner schools all around the world are raising money to help with the rebuilding. “The problem with rebuilding in that area is that it is so remote that all of the building materials have to be shipped in from other parts of Indonesia and it becomes a very expensive process.”

Christian education has been the target of Islamic oppression because many Muslim children have attended these schools. Renicks says it’s important to get these schools rebuilt. “The Indonesian government was concerned about Muslim children attending Christian schools because they grow up to become Christian and their families leave the Islamic faith.”

These schools are the only answers to the Islamic boarding schools, which number in the thousands across Indonesia. “One of the things that’s happened as a result of the tsunami is all of these children that have been orphaned are being gathered up and they’re being placed in these boarding schools throughout Indonesia. The Muslims know that getting a child’s mind when they’re young is way to keep them as a part of the faith.”

$6,500 per classroom is needed for the rebuilding, which is a great project for churches.

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