Recent relief aid has left Buckner’s surplus of shoes dangerously low

By June 16, 2010

International (MNN) — Flip-flops, crocs, clogs, sneakers
and high-tops. Buckner International takes any new shoes they can get their hands
on and distributes them to needy children around the world through their Shoes
for Orphans Souls program.

Currently, however, they face a huge challenge in the form of a
shoe shortage.

Since Haiti's January earthquake, Buckner has distributed
over 50,000 pairs of shoes, along with medical supplies, food, water and other
critical resources. Soon, they will be sending 12,000 more pairs to help
Haitian children.

Thanks to a recent donation of
20,000 pairs of shoes from Missouri Rotary and other generous donors and volunteers, they have been able to
continue to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable kids around the world.

However, their surplus is beginning to run dangerously
low. If they run out, they will not be able to supply Haitians or other kids
from around the world with shoes, which save lives by protecting the feet
of children from injuries, infections and diseases.

Not only do these shoes protect children physically
and save their lives, but as Buckner distributes shoes, they also share Christ's love
with recipients, which changes lives and saves souls.

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