Refitting delays holds back ship ministry.

By January 4, 2007

International (MNN)–Operation Moblization’s Kathy Hicks says they had hoped to launch 2007 with a third ship. However, the dedication of the Logos Hope won’t be for a while, yet. “We thought it would be out doing ministry by now. Right now, it’s still in a shipyard, about to be taken to another shipyard where the finish work will be done. That could take several months, if not a year, then.”

It’s already been a dream long in coming. The LOGOS HOPE was officially purchased in April 2004. There are three phases it will undergo before it’s ready for ministry.

In Phase One, there’s structural conversion work in a shipyard. This includes the steelwork to build the book fair area, onboard school and meeting hall, removal of old accommodation cabins, installing electrical and ventilation systems, and other priority work needed for ship classification approval.

Logos Hope leaves Croatia after completion of Phase One, and sails to Bremen, Germany, for Phase Two, or the outfitting, which is expected to take several months.

After Logos Hope has sailed and done active ministry for a few months, a short dry-dock break will be planned for the ship to upgrade some equipment, including the generator, the chilling system and other heavy machinery in what will be the final Phase of getting the ship fully ready.

Hicks says between fundraising and the natural time it takes to convert the boat for O-M’s use, it’s been a long haul. Once it’s ready, though, the Logos Hope will hold 500 people on board, many of them on short-term mission trips. “It was a ferry, from the Farrow Islands that took people and cars. Now, they’re putting in an auditorium where the JESUS Film, or the Passion can be shown in local languages. It’ll have auditoriums where conferences will be going on; a coffee bar where people can just naturally sit and share their faith; in addition to our huge bookstore which is our open door into so many countries, because of the good books that we bring.”

They’re now hoping to be ready for ministry in mid-2007.

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