Radio personnel needed in Alaska

By January 4, 2007

USA (MNN) — The state of Alaska in the United States is two and a half times the size of Texas. However, the population is only about 600,000 people. Half of those people live in Anchorage, but the other half live in far away places that are difficult to reach. In many cases these areas have no churches.

SEND InternationalDaryl Carlson says they have radio stations in Alaska and they have needs. “Right now we have two radio stations that we’re running. One has only two staff members, while I away. The other has five staff members with a couple on home service.” But, they need help.

They need people. “Since we are also a commercial radio station, we need people who have an ability and desire to do sales, which people don’t normally associate with missions. But, we need missionaries who are willing to do sales. People who have an affinity for news, people who like to do sports broadcasting, Anyone with a broadcasting background, we can really use,” says Carlson.

Since many people live off main roads, Radio is important to reaching them with the Gospel. “Radio is a great tool, because we can — with a staff of two or three people and a studio — effectively reach 100 square miles and connect with people who may never enter a church,” says Carlson.

According to Carlson, this mission field is difficult because Alaskans don’t communicate with you very often.

However, the stations are having an incredible impact on the church. “Many of them don’t have a church, or they have a small church that doesn’t have a pastor in a long time. And so, we really help nurture the believers that are there and help equip them to evangelize and then we take steps to connect with people who don’t know the Lord, so that they can come to know Him as well.”

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