Relationship building to provide clean water and the Living Water of Christ.

By October 3, 2006

Rwanda (MNN) — Rwanda’s history is dark. The country has been picking up the pieces and rebuilding since the 1994 genocide that left an estimated one million people dead. But out of the shadows, hope is dawning.

Throughout Africa, one of the greatest needs is clean, safe drinking water. That’s true also in Rwanda. Bruce Whitmire with Living Water International says they’re planning to meet that need by digging a well. They’re set to launch a well project in Rwanda at the start of 2007.

Living Water always works hand in hand with local churches. That partnership with others is part of their mission, says Whitmire. “We want to bring an holistic approach to the problems of the community. And we know that we cannot help with any problems unless the spiritual issues of the community are met. So as far as the management of the water side of the project goes, that project portion is managed by the community. But we bring the local churches in, we bring them together so that they can minister to their community, that they can show them that true life is through Jesus Christ and that the physical water is only a portrait of the living water.”

In over 21 countires around the globe Living Water is drilling new wells and people are coming to know Christ. Whitmire says that’s due to their process of bringing a well to a community. “Well, we will go into a village and we will meet with the village leaders, and we will establish a water committee and we will give training to that committee on how to manage the water. We will give training in health and hygiene. We will give training in AIDS prevention. Then we’ll drill the water well. We’ll put a pump in it. We’ll teach them, again, basic routine maintenance.”

Whitmire continues, “We will build a relationship with the entire community, and all during this process, we’re sharing the Gospel by one-on-one evangelism. We’re showing the JESUS Film. We’re encouraging local pastors to come and be involved with the project, so that we’re supporting the work that they’re doing as well as reaching out to the community ourselves.”

When a community has a well providing clean and safe drinking water, hope is renewed and lives are changed. Whitmire says, “It is transformational to a village when they are able to defeat disease because of a cup of clean water, and they understand that it is God Himself who loved them enough to send us with not only the physical water that helps heal their bodies but the spiritual water that brings them to a personal relationship with Christ. And the results are overwhelming. Today we serve over five million people a cup of water in Jesus’ Name every single day.”

They’re still raising funds to get this project launched. To help fund the well project, contact Living Water International.

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