Remote areas no longer get treatment

By June 17, 2009

Zambia (MNN) — Due to a financial crisis, CURE International has been forced to eliminate its mobile units in Zambia.

These units travel to remote areas of the country that are unreached by their more centrally-located hospital in Lusaka. The mobile units have helped cure children like Judah. Judah was badly burned when he was 4 years old when he got caught in a bush fire. He lived for ten years with scars and bent legs that confined him to hopping or crawling on the ground to get around. CURE's mobile units found Judah, and without their help, he would still be in that condition today. With surgery, he is now able to walk without pain. 

CURE International focuses their energies on children who have ailments that are curable but debilitating, like clubfoot, spina bifida, and cleft palate. With treatment, these children are able to live more normal lives. Without it, they are often severely handicapped. 

The CURE office in the U.S. is managing funds closely. The elimination of the mobile units means
that all those children like Judah will continue waiting for treatment, and each of those chances to share the Gospel are on hold for now, though hopefully not for long. CURE has already changed the lives of 700,000 children and their families.

Pray that God will bless the ministry with the necessary funds to get the program up and running again. Prayerfully consider giving any amount to help.   

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