Renewed violence faces Christians in Indonesia.

By October 29, 2004

Indonesia (MNN)–Christians in Indonesia are seeing violence against them rising again.

According to Voice of the Martyrs Canada’s sources, in Poso there have been raids and attacks on churches and believers have been murdered. Dozens of homemade bombs were found this week and diffused.

On October 13th, more than ten gunmen raided the village of Mauro. Targeting Christian homes, they went house-to-house, shouting for help and waiting for the occupants to come out. When the villagers would not come out, the gunmen shot through the doors and windows. Three people were shot, one fatally.

Just over a week later, in the evening of October 22, the Tabernakel Church in Gebangrejo was attacked by two gunmen.

Earlier this week, police found 123 bombs hidden in a Muslim cemetery in the village of Moengko Lama. Investigators believe they were intended for future attacks against Christians.

Meanwhile, in Maluku, on October 22nd, at least 15 suitcase bombs were found last week behind a church. Members of Maranatha Church in Ambon City grew suspicious of an unclaimed suitcase on church property.

Just two days ealier, similar explosive devices had been found in Silo church, the oldest Protestant church and home to the largest Protestant congregation.

In both cases, police were called in, and the bombs diffused without injury. However, malicious intent has both the church leaders and the law enforcement concerned.

Both areas are known for persecution of believers. The tensions have Christian workers on alert as they minister, watching for more trouble.

Pray for the physical strength and recovery for those who have faced physical hurt in these attacks, aswell as those facing the fear that comes from such attacks. For those involved in evangelistic work, please pray that tensions will not escalate in the area.

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