Renewing Syria

By August 26, 2014

Syria (BGR) — Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever wondered how humanitarian aid opens doors for the hope of Christ, read on. This article is posted in its entirety from our partner, Baptist Global Response.

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

Anshu* watched as a barrel of explosives killed five of his family members. 

The violence in Syria had escalated, causing massive amounts of people to leave their homes, and Anshu got caught in the conflict.

As the man fled with what remained of his family, his heart hardened toward God, and he felt betrayed by his Creator. How could God have let this happen?

When Anshu found refuge in a neighboring country, a local Christian began to visit, bearing gifts from BGR. The believer gave him food, along with blankets and a heater to keep his children warm in the winter. The local continued to drop by and to talk about God’s goodness, telling Anshu story after story about the Lord’s kindness.

After these visits, the embittered refugee’s point of view began to change. He started to see God’s love in his life again, even after suffering loss. He began to believe God didn’t cause that loss. Anshu’s anger drained away, and he started defending the Lord’s love and goodness in public. His neighbors watched the transformation in awe.

As you read about Syria in the news, and as you hear stories like Anshu’s, pray for this war to end and pray for the refugees and internally displaced people affected by the violence. Ask God to give them peace.

Pray also for the relief teams ministering to refugees. Team members hear numerous stories like Anshu’s every day, and they become overwhelmed. Ask God to grant them endurance to continue giving aid and support.

*Name changed for security.


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    We air many of your programs multiple times a day. Thank you for your witness to the Christian holocaust going on now, part of these end days of the Church. We have a 4-minute window in our playlist for PRAYER only on a rotation basis, if someone would like to record it mp3 and send it to us. Need some specific to the church in the world.

    thank you and contact me please,

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