Reports of Dalit reconversions in India — false

By April 22, 2008

India (MNN) — Persecution against Christians continues at an unprecedented rate in India. Now, Hindu radicals are attempting to use reconversion rallies to entice Dalit Christians to reconvert back to Hinduism. According to Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu State, that's exactly what happened as 300 Dalits returned to Hinduism.

However, speaking from India, Gospel For Asia's Founder and President KP Yohannan says this report is false. "They sought out extremely poor (people) who live as fisherman and decided to say that these are Christians and we are going to convert them back to Hinduism. None of the people are known to be practicing Christians."

Yohannan thinks he knows why the Hindu radicals are staging these reconversion rallies. "Very large numbers of untouchables or Dalits are leaving the so-called caste system, and many of them are becoming Buddhists, embracing Islam. But a large number are following Christ, (who) they see is the only hope."

He says this reconversion effort doesn't change the way Gospel For Asia does their work. In fact he sounds encouraged. "Wherever there is opposition or these types of things are happening, always we see God working and more people are opening their hearts to the Lord. So none of these things keep the work of the Lord from moving forward."

Christians are being asked to pray for believers in India. "Pray for boldness and courage as they share the Gospel and demonstrate Christ's love for the needy and the poor. The need is so huge, but the opportunity is unlimited," says Yohannan.

However, there is one issue that needs immediate attention. Yohannan says: "One of our greatest needs right now is to provide Bibles for people who are coming to Christ. I sure would like to see a few million Bibles produced in many languages."

It costs about $3.00 to produce an entire Bible. If you'd like to help Gospel for Asia address this need, click here.

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