Reproductive health education focus of missionary in Brazil

By July 14, 2004

Brazil (MNN) — With HIV/AIDS on the increase around the world many mission groups are taking a proactive approach on education. OC International is just one organization that’s trying to stem the increase.

OC’s Lisa Groves is working with the youth in Sao Palo, Brazil. “My ministry targets youth and helping the leaders of the church to implement studies to help them deal with those issues,” says Groves.

Grove says Christian leaders haven’t had the tools to help train young people in this area. She says, “So, what I do is train the leaders to do a study of the Bible — God’s plan for sex, (and) also that we belong to Him, according to I Corinthians 6. (We) also (show) how they can walk in victory in the area (of sex) through the power that they have in Jesus Christ.” The goal is to eventually lead them to Christ.

As youth groups begin to study the issue over a prolonged period of time, they help each other, says Groves. “They start policing each other in their dating practices. And, with the changes in their dating practices that definitely makes a difference in avoiding falling in that area.”

Prayer is needed that churches will be open to receiving this kind of training. Groves says as they reach out through this type of ministry the youth seem open to the Gospel.

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