Rescue for the walking dead in Nepal

By February 16, 2015
(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

Nepal (MNN/VBB) — In Nepal alone, around 50,000 women and girls have been sold into sex-slavery, reported Vision Beyond Borders.

Many of these women have been sold by family members, sometimes for as little as $10. They are beaten, starved, and abused until their will is broken. Girls as young as 5 years old have been sold into the brothels.

They refer to themselves as “the walking dead.”

Women who are not sold often have no other choice but to work long, demanding hours to make money to help their families. VBB said many women have to haul large rocks in a basket on their back, then they use hammers to break the rocks into small pieces.

They are lucky if they make fifty cents a day.

VBB is stepping forward and working with local churches to reach out to these women. They are bringing the Gospel into their lives and letting them know they are not alone.

For the women who want to get out, VBB has provided a safehouse. However, it’s definitely a “fixer upper” and needs a lot of work. It needs a new water filter because the water has too much iron in it. This costs around $500. It also needs a back-up electricity system, which is around $800, and new paint, which costs around $500.

Clearly, the price is not cheap, and VBB can’t do it on their own. Will you help? Click here to donate.

Join VBB in praying for women trapped in slavery and abuse. Click here for a prayer guide.


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