Resource tools on their way to African church

By August 3, 2007

Africa (MNN) — Christian Resources International's Fred
Palmerton says their latest Great Crate shipment is on it's way to believers in
Africa. "The shipment is in excess of 51,000 pounds. It's a 40-foot
container, and it's going to go to two destinations. One is undisclosed for
security reasons in West Africa, and the remainder of that will be going
into South Africa and then distributed cross-continent." 

A Great Crate is 15,000 books — enough to bring the Word of God to thousands and thousands of families. To ship
a Great Crate, CRI needs donations of books as well as donations of
approximately $7,500 in shipping costs incurred.

Palmerton explains that the need is constant for unused and
excess Christian resources. "We
have seminaries standing in line. Nearly
all of them have work outside the seminary where they need Bibles–graduating
pastors that don't even have a Bible. Those needs are continuing.  Many needs are being met with Bare Your Bookshelf." 

Operation: Bare Your Bookshelf
people to donate Bibles and Christian books to a specific believer overseas. According
to CRI, more than 122,000 people become Christian,
and most of those people are in Africa, Asia, and South
America. They're attending churches where even the pastors have no
Bibles. The church in the U.S. is resourced to the point of excess.  

This discrepancy is why CRI launched the project to make it easy for
American Christians to send their Bibles and other Christian books overseas. CRI will make it as easy as
possible to get involved and will send the actual request letter so participants
can get to know and pray for the recipient by name. Click here if you can help.

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