Revival still at the heart of Life Action Ministries

By November 22, 2005

USA (MNN) — Life Action Ministries is dedicated to one thing; to see God glorified through a revival among His people. This purpose has carried Life Action for over three decades of work alongside the churches and clergy in the United States. Today, Life Action Ministries is the largest revival ministry in North America, with a staff of over 170 workers.

One aspect of their work is with four full-time revival teams that travel around the country. They take over a church for three weeks of revival preaching, dynamic worship with the Life Action Singers, prayer ministries, youth and family seminars, tailoring a program to maximize spiritual growth.

While revival isn’t something you can fabricate, many churches are experiencing this. Pastor Mark Black at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Indiana says the meetings did an especially important work in his heart. It changed the way he prayed. “Naming people in my prayers and recognizing the sin in their life and imagining that I had it figured out, that God had already worked in me and so I’m okay. I’m discovering now, especially in corporate prayer, that not only am I having to confess my sin, but now I’ve gained a compassion for those struggling in sin.”

Black says this type of experience is something all pastors should experience. “I don’t know how many pastors are listening to this broadcast right now, but bother, I’m going to tell you right now Life Action Ministries would make an impact on your church that I think you would be pleased to experience. That is, if you want revival in your church.”

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