RHM reaches out to ‘digital natives’

By January 15, 2013

International (MNN) — Have you ever thought of YouTube as a mission field? Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries (RHM) says millions of lost people visit the site each day.

"They don't necessarily go there looking for God," he says. "They go there looking for hope, looking for love, looking for answers."

RHM has produced a short video called "Does God Care About Me?" (Click the title to watch). After demonstrating the tale of creation, fall, and redemption, the video's host leads audiences through a prayer of salvation. A surprising ending leads viewers into action.

"[The video] doesn't just present the Gospel, but it also says, 'If you're ready to begin this relationship'…. They will click on that Button Text and say, 'Yes I prayed,' and that will lead them to 'The Secrets of a Great Relationship with God,'" describes Hutchcraft.

"If they continue to click through, we can connect them to a couple of other ministries that…let them know how they can connect to churches at various places."

With over 1 million views by people from 210 different countries, "Does God Care About Me?" is helping the Gospel "go viral."

"We've had lots of people share that video and pass it on, and most of exciting of all: there have been over 41,000 people…who've indicated that they have prayed with us to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ," says Hutchcraft.

Pray that this creative ministry would keep sharing the Good News of salvation, and pray for young people around the world.

"We know there are plenty of places where they can find darkness," states Hutchcraft. "But [pray] that they will be driven to–attracted to–these places where the Gospel is."

One girl was attracted to the video after typing 'I want to die' into the Search bar. She gave her life to Christ after viewing the video's contents. Hutchcraft says her story is a good example of how technology is changing the shape of missions.

"In our generation, technology has created a whole new set of possibilities and laid out whole new mission fields that have the potential to 'exponentialize' the Gospel," he says.

"I honestly believe that the technology of our time may be…paving the way for the last great spread of the Gospel that precedes the return of Christ."

In addition to RHM's YouTube initiative, there's an ongoing Facebook outreach and a new Web site that will be revealed in the coming days. Prayer is essential to this ever-expanding ministry.

"We need prayer for God to guide our creative processes," requests Hutchcraft. "Pray that God will open the doors for partnerships that will help us deliver those [Gospel] presentations in the most effective way."

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