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Published on 22 April, 2010

Rice bags and change bring love of Christ to children

India (MNN) — For the poorest of India, every grain of rice counts. Despite this, some Christian children decided to collect a handful of uncooked rice each day, place it in a cloth bag, and give it to a local church for people even less fortunate than them.

Most kids in the U.S. have much more than this. So, Mission India decided to extend this idea to the U.S. through the Rice Bag Project.

During this four-week program, kids are encouraged to collect their loose change and place it in a rice bag given to them by Mission India. Then, at the end of the challenge, the profit is sent to Mission India through online donation or writing out a check in that amount.

To encourage kids' participation, Mission India sends stories, photos and other information about the children they are impacting.

For every dollar raised, one Indian child can be enrolled in a Children's Bible Club. Additionally, it introduces children to missions at a young age and shows them what an impact they can have, even with just their loose change.

Want to register your kids or church for the Rice Bag Project? Call 1-877-644-6342 or email You can also check out Mission India's Web site at

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