Volunteers cut ministry’s costs, share in kingdom building

By April 22, 2010

International (MNN) — Sometimes volunteer work can feel fruitless, but one ministry has found that a few hours put in by a lot of hands have been absolutely invaluable.

Global prison ministry Crossroad Bible Institute could not be nearly as effective as a conduit for the Gospel without its volunteers

"[Volunteerism] has enabled us to operate on a budget that's one-third of what would otherwise be required," says CBI's Stacy Ladenburger. "So that's really been a benefit to us, and then we're also able to involve all these people in the ministry."

Of course, this enormous financial benefit could not be possible without the vast number of CBI volunteers. In 2009 alone, over 5,000 volunteers served for a total of a quarter of a million hours, helping the ministry in its mission to reach prison inmates with the Gospel.

The work includes two main types of volunteer positions. Some people serve as Instructors for the students enrolled in the CBI Bible study and reentry programs; others help with general tasks at the ministry's ten distribution centers across the globe.

Volunteering helps more than just the ministry, though. Ladenburger says CBI volunteers feel they benefit as well. They love helping out, and many stick around for years.

"They're able to make a tangible impact and work very directly with people who are in need. So that is very meaningful to them, and they can see the impact of their contribution."

Ladenburger says the service given by volunteers is a representation of the body of Christ, as well as an outpouring of love to the inmates for whom CBI works.

You can be a part of this ministry as an Instructor or working at a distribution center. Become a CBI volunteer today! Start by clicking here.

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