Road Trip collects used books for Nepali believers

By February 8, 2010

USA (MNN) — The number of Christians in Nepal is still at a low 0.6 percent. For the believers that do live there, Christian resources can be hard to come by.

"The Christian population there is very small, so the work is tremendous," John Lowrey of Christian Resources International says about the country. "There is just so much to be done–so much evangelism to be done, so much pastor training to be done."

Pastor Reuben Rai does his own ministry in Kathmandu, Nepal while also working full time. Because of his limited resources, Rai began to search the web. When he stumbled upon CRI, he immediately contacted them. CRI was amazed by all Rai had been doing on his own.

"[Rai] takes his materials all over Nepal," says Lowrey. "Some of the stuff he literally packs up on mule-back and goes up into the mountains to some very remote villages and sets up training programs for pastors and does things to help churches and does evangelism and youth ministry. So he's doing a great work for the Lord with practically no resources or financial help."

In an effort to help, CRI has decided to put their next Road Trip project toward Rai's ministry. The three-stop Road Trip will be in Bellevue, Michigan, Marshall, Michigan and Goshen, Indiana on February 17, 18, and 19 respectively.

The Road Trip works like this: CRI travels to three "pit stops." While they are there, people in the area bring their used Christian books and Bibles, each with one dollar and a personal note inside, to the CRI trailer. Once CRI finishes the Road Trip, they send all of the collected resources to Kathmandu, Nepal, along with some tracts in the native languages. Then materials are distributed through Rai and those helping him, believers are encouraged, non-believers hear the Gospel, and many are saved.

Of course this is an abbreviated version of the process, but that is more or less how it works. For this particular Road Trip, CRI would love to have any last-minute hosts to add one more pit-stop in February to provide maximum resources for the people of Kathmandu.

If you do not live near one of these pit-stops but would still like to participate, just send your Christian books, Bibles, bucks and notes to CRI directly. Click here or call 888-CRI-WORD to donate or send books.

If you would like to host a pit-stop now or in the future, e-mail John Lowrey directly at [email protected]

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