Rural Ghana gets access to the Gospel by air

By January 11, 2011

USA (HCJB/MNN) — There are thousands in northeastern Ghana who
now can hear the Gospel. 

HCJB Global and Theovision International successfully planted
a radio station in Saboba last month.

The broadcasts cover Saboba, a city of about 120,000, as
well as the surrounding area, which means that roughly 800,000 people are within hearing range of
the station.

Radio Gaakii (gaakii
means "faith" in the Konkomba language) is the third FM radio station launched by
Theovision in the last year along with an online radio station based in Accra. The station expects to launch regular
broadcasts 24 hours a day by February.

Joseph Kebbie helped train the staff during the installation
of the Saboba outlet. It broadcasts at 88.3 MHz on the FM dial, airing programs
in four languages: Konkomba, Baasare, Twi and Hausa. 

So far, initial reaction to the broadcasts has been
positive. Partnerships with groups like Theovision are a key strategy in
reaching the continent for Christ.

HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson added that "community
FM radio is extremely popular in Africa. It's the main means of information and
entertainment for Africans. We're privileged to plant yet another community
radio station in Ghana that will provide information about health, family,
current events and, more importantly, the good news of Jesus. Music, teaching
and interviews will share the Gospel with those who tune in to their community

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