Russia more open to hearing the Gospel in the wake the school massacre in Beslan

By September 17, 2004

Russia (MNN) — Under heavy security, children in Beslan, Russia returned to school this week in the aftermath of a massacre that killed more than 300 people, more than half of which were children. Fear continues to plague many in Beslan. Christians are doing everything they can to encourage those who fear a similar attack by Chechen terrorists.

Bob Hoskins is the founder and President of Book of Hope. Hoskins says they have a Russian team in Beslan helping, because many are looking for answers. “That’s why we’ve sent a team down there. They’re down there with the book now. They are ministering to all of these people that are so distraught and devastated by the loss of life and the incredible trauma that they’ve gone through.”

The Book of Hope combines the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to tell the life story of Jesus Christ. The book reads in chronological order and features 100 study questions that direct the reader back into the Word. There is also a clear plan of salvation at the end of the book.

The Book of Hope is available in more than 65 languages, including Russian. Hoskins says many people probably died in the massacre in Beslan without knowing Christ. He says that’s why they need to double their efforts. “We keep thinking, well, we’ve reached 50-million and surely we’ve covered the country, but it’s so vast and there are so many small towns and villages like Beslan. And, we have the workers and the miracle is with $1 we can reach three children with the Book of Hope and bring them the good news about Jesus.”

Hoskins is concerned about the future of the work in Russia. “Our main avenue of reaching Russia is through the schools and the children with the Book of Hope. And, we’ve always had openness to the schools. Now we don’t know what might happen. With this terrible event they may say we don’t want outsiders entering our schools.”

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