Russia targets infrastructure, US sends more aid to Ukraine

By April 26, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — A string of Russian attacks targets critical infrastructure, hitting rail and fuel facilities deep inside Ukraine. Meanwhile, the United States pledges another $465 million in support to Ukraine, bringing the U.S. aid total to over $4 billion since the invasion began.

According to the United Nations, approximately 25-percent of Ukraine’s population needs humanitarian aid inside the country or in a neighboring nation.

As the war drags on with no end in sight, “we all feel helpless in this,” Jon Fugler of TransWorld Radio says.

“We tend to look for human solutions, yet God is waiting for us to come to Him.”

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Jesus offers hope and healing

New trauma-related programming from TWR points people in Ukraine and Russia to Jesus – the only source of real hope. In partnership with Biblica, “we’ve been producing some programs that we’ve had available in written form,” Fugler says.

“The series is called When Your Whole World Changes, and we’re tailoring it for this situation to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of people and turn them to Christ. We’re getting [these short features] translated into Ukrainian and Russian.”

A member of the TWR Ukraine team works on a broadcast in a makeshift shelter.
(Photo courtesy of TWR)

Believers on both sides of the conflict need encouragement. “It’s amazing how some of these same issues that Ukrainians are suffering with right now [are] mirrored in Russia. Not war, but the result; the psychological, spiritual, emotional issues,” Fugler says.

“We come in with the Gospel to minister in crisis and trauma; indeed, for healing.”

Getting the program translated, recorded, and produced required an international team effort.

“There’s no one place that we can go to get this done. Our teams in Ukraine are fully occupied with the daily programs to keep current and keep on the air,” Fugler says.

In recent weeks, Ukrainians around the world connected with TWR to help. “They said, ‘I want to help my country. I can translate a script; if you want me to voice something, I’ll do that.’”

Your financial support keeps this work going.

Pray people throughout Ukraine and Russia will encounter Christ through radio. Pray the Lord will use TWR’s programming to heal broken hearts.

“When this (crisis) leaves the front page, people will still be dealing with the trauma and the suffering,” Fugler says.

“These programs will be available for months to come.”




Header image displays Russian attacks and troop locations as of Apr. 22, 2022. (Wikimedia Commons)

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