Russian and Ukrainian Christian leaders seek reconciliation

By June 27, 2023

Ukraine (MNN) – Ukrainian missiles have damaged an important bridge connecting the Crimea Peninsula with the mainland. Chonhar Bridge is located far behind the frontlines of Russian-occupied territory.

Russia has controlled Crimea since 2014. The bridge attack was a targeted blow to the Russian military’s supply routes, one strategy of Ukraine’s slowly progressing counteroffensive maneuvers. Ukraine reports that it has reclaimed eight villages in recent weeks.

The war has broken bridges of many kinds, but Christians remain on both sides. Trans World Radio broadcasts Gospel programming in Ukraine and Russia.

President and CEO Lauren Libby says, “The interest has gone right through the ceiling. It’s incredible how many people are wanting some hope in the middle of this situation.”

However the war will end, reconciliation between Ukrainians and Russians will be another hurdle after so much loss. There could be lingering resentment and bitterness even between fellow Christians.

Libby says,I think we really need to pray that the Lord would begin to work in hearts, not just in Ukraine, but also in Russia.”

Ukrainians and Russians are closely connected not only geographically but linguistically, culturally, and relationally. Christians have yet another commonality: citizenship in the kingdom of God. The leaders of TWR are already setting the example for reconciliation and overcoming their countries’ differences.

I was in a meeting recently, where our Russian leader and our Ukrainian leader got off on a separate video channel and prayed together and spent time together,” says Libby. “And I thought, you know, where in the world would you ever see that?”

Pray that God would raise up more courageous leaders to build bridges and create a path of reconciliation for others to follow.

“Jesus said, we do have to love our brothers and sisters, and sometimes that’s a matter of the will,” says Libby.

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Header photo courtesy of TWR.

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