Russian Book of Hope is the back door to the Muslim world

By November 5, 2004

Russia (MNN) — A book for young people that tells the story of Christ is now coming full circle. It’s called the Book of Hope and the fruit of its initial distribution in Russia has been incredible.

Book of Hope’s founder Bob Hoskins says what they’re seeing today is miraculous. “We’re seeing many young people who came to the Lord through the first Book of Hope distributions in Russia, they’ve become pastors. They’ve become church planters. In one region of Perm, one church up there, in this year alone, has planted 342 new churches using the Book of Hope as their tool of evangelism.”

These pastors and church planters are going into towns and villages, going into schools, and sharing the Book of Hope with the students. They also then train workers to live there and disciple new believers and many times they become pastors.

The results have been incredible as many of these young people, are now going out as missionaries. “Russia had, under the old Soviet system, many traditional Muslim nations that were a part of the Soviet Union. Today, a lot of Russian people still live there. So, it’s a perfect mission field for Russian missionaries. It’s a back door to the Muslim world.”

Hoskins says they currently have young people going into Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and other Muslim areas sharing the Gospel with young people in the hard to reach areas. “It just a complete circle almost. They were reached out of communism, and now they’re going into Muslim areas and reaching children and young people with the Book of Hope.”

Security is an issue as it’s risky going into these areas. “Last year, two of these young missionaries disappeared and have never been found. So, it’s presumed they were killed. So, we need to cover these young Russian missionaries with our prayers for God’s protection as they go into these very dangerous areas.”

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